Why is my storage heater still taking a high charge when I have turned the temperature down?


There may be a couple of reasons why the heater continues to take a higher level of charge when the temperature has been reduced.


1. If you have reduced the temperature from the home screen during a comfort/heating on period then this will only adjust the temperature requested for just that period. In order to reduce it overall, you will need to modify the temperatures within timer mode itself. For more information on how to do this, please refer to your instructions. If you do not have a copy, they are available to download from our website.


2. There may have been a drop in the ambient temperatures resulting in the heater adjusting its required charge accordingly, which is part of its normal operation.


If you continue to experience an issue, you can contact us by raising a support ticket.


Applicable models

QM – QM050, QM070, QM100, QM125, QM150

QMRF – QM050RF, QM070RF, QM100RF, QM125RF, QM150RF

XLE – XLE050, XLE070, XLE100, XLE125, XLE150

CQH – CQH070, CQH100, CQH125, CQH150

TSRE – TSRE050, TSRE070, TSRE100, TSRE125, TSRE150

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