How does my new storage heater work?

Unlike older traditional style storage heaters which would take an overnight charge and then completely  discharge throughout the rest of the day.

The current range of storage heaters are designed to only take the charge required and retain as much of the stored heat as possible. Whilst minimizing case loss, and distribute the stored heat when it is wanted. 


The heaters run a calculation at midnight, taking into account the current room temperature, the timer mode that has been selected (Home all day, Out all day etc.), the set temperature during this mode and the heaters core temperature at midnight. The heater will then determine how much of a charge it needs to take in order to maintain the desired set temperature, for the length of the timer mode selected, allowing for the rooms level of heat loss (learnt through monitoring the ambient room temperature) and for any residual heat within the core. 

Once the charge has been taken the heater will only distribute the stored heat during the time set in the timer mode when the temperature drops below the set temperature.

Applicable models

QM – QM050, QM070, QM100, QM125, QM150

QMRF – QM050RF, QM070RF, QM100RF, QM125RF, QM150RF

XLE – XLE050, XLE070, XLE100, XLE125, XLE150

CQH – CQH070, CQH100, CQH125, CQH150

TSRE – TSRE050, TSRE070, TSRE100, TSRE125, TSRE150

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