What does Block code S5 / Function Control mean displayed on my heat pump (Touch screen based)?

Block S5 / Function Control block means the heat pump is blocked from running, as the "Control functions" option has been from the Analytics menu to test the various components of the heat pump. 

Tapping on "System status" tile, then "block" will show when this occurred: 

This "Function control" block will usually time out within 30 mins unless a longer duration was selected. 

To cancel it sooner, tap on the Analytics icon on the left hand side, then "Control functions"

You can switch it off here:

Note, "Control functions" tile is only available if you are logged in as "Specialist" or "Service" from the main login page. If you are the end user ("Operator" level), simply wait and the system will eventually allow the heat pump to run.

Applicable to models:  

System S, System S6, System S10, LIA 0608HWCF MS , LIA 0911HWCF MS, LA60STUR, 

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