Hub connects to Bluetooth but doesn't connect to WiFi. How do I resolve?

Issue:  Unable to connect Hub to Wifi.

Applies to: Dimplex Hub, Dimplex Control


  • Ensure you are in range of the WiFi network
  • If your hub is located close to your internet router, please try LAN as an alternative to WiFi. See bottom of article*
  • Ensure the password you entered is correct
  • Ensure the network you are trying to connect to is a 2.4GHz network.  If your internet router supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz, please ensure the 2.4GHz band is enabled

If the 4 items above appear to be correct can we go through the next points

  • Ask the user to setup a WiFi hotspot on their phone and then go through the steps of trying to connect the hub to that. If successful this would indicate an issue with the router and/or broadband provider. If the smart phone option doesn't work then that would indicate a faulty hub and it would need to be returned for further investigation and a replacement sent out.
  • If the WiFi hotspot does work then the focus will have to turn to the router. There are 2 further things to check here but both require the customer to go into the settings on their router - usually this is done by opening up a browser and going to the router's admin web page - they would need to refer to the router's user manual or check their broadband provider's online help.
    1. Within the router settings they must make sure the WiFi is operating at 2.4 GHz only
    2. Within the router settings they can also check to see what WiFi channel(s) the router is operating on. If this is set to 'Auto' then they can try changing this to something like 'Channel 11' (rather than Auto). Channels 12 & 13 are not supported.
    3. Within the router settings they can check what ports are being blocked/allowed. For the hub this is the following - 80, 443, 5671 & 5672
    4. Try moving the Dimplex Hub closer to the WiFi access point.

If none of this appears to resolve the issue, most likely a replacement is required.


Trying Ethernet rather than WiFi :

• If connecting to WiFi as a new hub install does not work, please try connecting via Ethernet data cable between the Dimplex Hub and your internet router. To do this, connect the supplied Ethernet cable between the Dimplex Hub & Internet Router. Press the add + button to add a new hub on the app and when prompted, select "Ethernet" rather than "WiFi". If the hub is successfully set up via Ethernet, it proves the internet connection is good and that there is a WiFi settings issue on the router that is likely to be the issue. If the Dimplex Hub does not connect via Ethernet cable either, then there may be an issue with the Internet router/connection or the Dimplex Hub.


• If WiFi was working but has stopped working, try using the "Change hub connection" option to try using an Ethernet cable connection. To do this, Tap on "Hubs" at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the 2 dot icon to the right of the hub.  Tap on "Change hub connection" and follow the instructions on screen. If the hub communicates fine on Ethernet and not on WiFi, then there is likely an issue with the WiFi settings. If the Dimplex Hub does not connect via Ethernet cable either, then there may be an issue with the Internet router/connection or the Dimplex Hub.

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