How do I add a heater to the Capa Connect App?

• Make sure your heater is connected to a power source and turned on.

• Open the Capa Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

• Log in with your Capa Connect account credentials, if you haven't already. If you need help creating an account, see THIS guide.

• In the app, navigate to the Control page, select ‘Create new site’ and enter a new for your site (EG: Home), and select the relevant time zone for you.

• Now the site has been created, select the option “Add to site” and then select the option “Set up product”

• You will be asked to scan the QR code for your product, this can be found on the rear of the product

• You will now be asked to turn on the products Bluetooth, the app will show you the correct way to do this on your product, once done press next.

• Once the product and phone have made a connection, you will be asked to enter the pin code for your product, this can be found printed on the rating label or can be read of the products controller. It is a 6 digit number

• You will now be asked to select which Wi-Fi network to connect to, select the relevant network and enter the Wi-Fi password. (NOTE: if you take your phone out of the room to obtain the password, it is likely going to break the Bluetooth connection and you will need to start again)

• Press “Next” and you will be asked to give your product a name (EG: Jane’s Room) and select “Save name”

• You will next we asked to create a zone. Firstly select an icon that best represents the zone for you, secondly choose a name that best describes your zone (EG: Bedroom 1) and press the “Select zone”

• You now have the option to “add another” product or “Go to site”

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Applicable to models:  

Capa Connect App, DTD2R 05, DTD2R 07, DTD2R 10, DTD2R 12, DTD4R 05, DTD4R 07, DTD4R 10, DTD4R 15, DTD4R 20

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