My Quantum hot water cylinder says "Reset External Boost Switch". What does this mean?

 Issue: Message "Reset External Boost Switch" appears on screen


What this means:  This means the external boost switch has been used to ask the cylinder to perform a boost, and the boost has now finished.


Action: As the external boost switch is a latching switch (like a light switch), it needs to be switched off, then back on again if another boost is required, or leaving it switched off until the next boost is needed. The message on screen is simply a reminder to do this. 

The boost switch is typically located in either a hall way or kitchen area. It is an optional item to be installed. Not all Quantum Cylinders will have had an external boost switch fitted. If you are uncertain where this boost switch is located, ask your installer or landlord / housing association.


Applicable to models: 

QWCd125-580 QWCd125-580RF QWCd135-480 QWCd135-480RF QWCd150-580 QWCd150-580RF QWCd250-580RF QWCd250-580 QWCd300-580 QWCd300-580RF QWCd210-580 QWCd180-480RF QWCd180-480 QWCd210-580RF QWCdv135RV-480 QWCdv135RV-580 QWCdv180RV-480 QWCdv180RV-580 QWCdv210RV-580 QWCdv250RV-580 QWCdv300RV-580

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