SCx, SCxn Cylinders - Water can be seen running through the tundish


Applicable to:

SCx Range - SCx130i SCx150d SCx175d SCx175sd SCx175si SCx215d SCx215i SCx215sd SCx215Ssi SCx255sd SCx255si SCx305sd SCx305si

SCxn Range - SCxn130d SCxn130i SCxn150d SCxn150i SCxn175d SCxn175i SCxn215d SCxn215i SCxn255d SCxn255i SCxn305d SCxn305i SCxn80d SCxn80i 

Issue: Cold/warm water can be seen running through the tundish

Action: This may be resolved by recharging the internal bubble or external expansion vessel

The below process is for recharging the internal cylinder bubble only. You will need to follow the specific instructions for your expansion vessel to recharge this.

Due to the internal expansions in these cylinder ranges, re-charging the bubble is a regular exercise. To maximise the bubbles life it should be re-charged as per the following procedure:

1. Turn of cold mains supply to cylinder and open hot taps

2. Drain down water in cylinder to half empty via drain cock not T&P

3. Close the hot taps and drain cock

4. Turn on cold mains water supply fully (this compresses the air)

5. Very slightly turn on a hot tap and leave to let air escape slowly

Note: If this is done too fast the air bubble depletes

6. When water runs from this tap, turn this off and sequentially turn

on other the hot taps slightly to remove all air from hot pipes

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