What sort of communication range does Dimplex Hub have to each heater?

Applicable to models: Dimplex Hub, Dimplex Control App


The Dimplex Hub uses 868MHz radio frequency communications between the Hub and each heating appliance. The range is typically around 20 metres line-of-sight, but this can vary depending on the building construction and interference from other RF devices. 

If there is a heating appliance that is unable to communicate with the Hub, it may help to move the hub to a different location within the home, somewhere more central. 

If you have other devices in the home using the same 868MHz frequency (ie wireless doorbell, burglar alarms, baby monitors etc), then that may have an impact on communications between the hub and the heating appliances. Moving these other devices to different locations, or switching them off may help. 868MHz is an open "exempt from licence" frequency, and as such there may be other devices in the home that are allowed to use the same frequencies.

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