Why is my Edel not connecting to the App?

There are a few possible reasons why your Edel hot water heat pump may not be connecting to the Dimplex Control App.

1. Is your Edel an RF model? Does the model number have RF at the end? Only RF models are compatible with the app.

2. Do you have the Dimplex Hub? The Dimplex Control App will only connect to the Edel via the Dimplex Hub.

3. Is the Edel too far away from the Hub? The absolute maximum distance between the two can not exceed 20m free-field range.

4. How many walls/doors etc are between the Edel and the Hub? Objects/barriers between, can affect the signal strength and result in poor connection. 

5. Are there any other RF devices in the property which could be interfering with the signal?

6. How is your Dimplex Hub connected to your internet router? WiFi or LAN cable? A poor WiFi signal can result in intermittent connection loss.

7. Are there any issues with your internet connection? Problems with internet connection will stop the App and Hub connecting to the Dimplex Control cloud server.

Applicable models

Edel – EDL170-520RF, EDL200UK-630RF, EDL270UK-630RF

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