What are the differences between all of the Simply Silent C4 models

Applicable to the following models: C4S C4R C4SR C4TS C4TR C4TSR C4HTS C4HTR C4HTSR C4PS C4PR C4PSR

The differences are as follows:

C4S, C4R C4SR = Standard On/Off Fan

These fans have no timer, no humidistat and operate solely via the isolator switch

C4TS, C4TR, C4TSR = Timer

This range incorporates a timed overrun. This means the fan will continue to run for the set period of time (between 30 seconds and 30 minutes) after the switch has been turned off

C4HTS, C4HTR, C4TSR = Humidistat and Timer

These fans have both an overrun timer and a humidistat. There is an automatic mode and manual modes. This means the fan will either come on when the ambient humidity in the rooms goes above the set point. Or the over run timer will function the same as above to help clear excess humidity after the switch has been turned off

C4PS, C4PR, C4PSR = Pullcord

This range is turned on via an inbuilt pull cord. This means the fan needs to be manually turned on and off when you want to use it. There will still be an isolator switch which will need to be on as well


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