ERR. 01 error is displayed on the Edel cylinder. What does this mean?

This means the Edel had detected one of the following possible issues:
- Discrepancy between the air and the evaporator temperatures
- The evaporator or air temperature might be misreading
- The heat pump may be low or has run out of refrigerant.
 - The compressor or the expansion value are not working correctly.

An engineer’s visit will be needed to establish root cause & repair.

Take following parts (applies to all sizes):
X-B1244575 (Hot water temp probe 10kOhm 1200mm)
X-B4993072 (Evap temp probe 10kOhm 900mm)
X-B1244090 (Air temp probe 10kOhm 460mm)
X-B1244096 Main PCB

Model specific parts:
If Edel200/270 also take Compressor Kit part 500002189
 If Edel170 also take Compressor Kit part 500002220

Note: It is possible to ask for the backup to run if there is an ERR01 fault is actively present.
Search on knowledge base for “My Edel hot water cylinder has stopped heating the water. How do I get hot water via backup?” and press the dial once done. The lightning flash symbol will appear on screen and hot water will be performed via immersion element.

Require additional help? Please follow link below

Applicable Models:

EDL170-520, EDL170-520RF, EDL200UK-630, EDL200UK-630RF, EDL270UK-630, EDL270UK-630RF

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