Why wont my centrifugal fan wont turn off?

If your fan in not switching off there could be a few different reasons why -

              1 –Does your fan have a Humidistat. If the rooms humidity level is above the setting on the fan, then it will run until the level drops 

              2 – Does your fan have a timer. Is it continuing to run beyond the set duration? If so, it could be due to something called induced voltage. This is usually where the wires for the power and timer trigger wire are in the same cable. When in use the power wires can generate a magnetic field which can result in a small amount of voltage being generated on the trigger wire, enough to start the fan and keep it running all the time it is there. 

              3 – Has the fan been wire correctly at the terminal block, specifically if it is a timer variant. You may need to get your installer to check this against the instructions. If a permanent live has been wired to the T terminal the fan will continually run.

              4 – If none of the above resolve the issue, then there may be a fault with the product. If this is a new installation, then we would recommend seeking a replacement via the supplier initially.

Applicable Models:

CF20TX, LVCF20TXDX200, DX200T, CF20, CF20T, LVDX200T, LVCF20, LVCF20T, DX400DC, DX400TDC, DX400PCDC, CF40DC, CF40TDDC, CF40RSTDDC, CF40DCRSTD, DX400, CF40, DX400T, CF40DC, CF40RSTD, CF40TD, CF40TDDC, DX400PC, DX400RS, DX400T, 

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