Where can System-S be installed & what are the installation limitations?

The indoor unit has limitations regarding room size it can be installed into as the system contains R32 refrigerant. See section 5 of the Installation manual which details the minimum room size required for the indoor unit. This will depend on whether a 6kW or 10kW product is installed and if the refrigeration lines are under 15m long or exceeding 15m long.

Outside, the heat pump needs to be located so that condensate can drop out into a suitable soakaway, that the heat pump is located in a way to allow free airflow (see install manual section 5 for clearances required) and that the heat pump is located so that it minimises potential noise to bedrooms or neighbours. The heat pump needs to be in a location that is accessible for servicing (wall mounted above head height is not the case!)

Finally, there is a maximum 15 metres refrigerant line distance between the indoor and outdoor units permitted for a standard installation where additional refrigerant does not need to be added. 

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Further information & installation instructions for these products are available here:


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Applicable to models:  

System S, System S6, System S10, LIA 0608HWCF MS , LIA 0911HWCF MS

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