Error code 32 on Quantum. What is this?

Cause :This means the User Interface is getting too hot

Main cause is the heater covered or obstructed or installation not as per manufactures instructions.

Firstly need to confirm what clearances around the heater. 

The heater clearances must be obeyed - clothes for example must not be left on the heater. If the heater was covered remove what was covering the heater & allow it to cool down.

Once heater has cooled down, if Error is still showing, power the heater off at the wall, then back on again.

If the error persists, an engineers call out will be needed to investigate (chargeable due to covering).

If the heater wasn't covered then this is likely to be an installation fault not a manufacturing fault.

If the heater is not covered, then the only likely reason for FAULT 32 is that the core was not assembled correctly

The installer should revisit to ensure the inner core cover was correctly fitted using all screws and that the elements are not hanging out too far.

Failure to do so will result in a build up of heat on the right hand side of the heater causing the fault code to appear.

Applicable to: QM050RF QM070RF QM100RF QM125RF QM150RF  HSDHHR050 HSDHHR070 HSDHHR100 HSDHHR125 HSDHHR150 

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